The Story

We are entrusted with the selling and appraisal of Millions of dollars worth of new and used assets annually. We honor this trust by maintaining a high level of integrity in every aspect of our business.

Dan Pahl and Pahl Industrial have been conducting auctions and liquidations across North America for the past 40 years.

We are easily accessible to the U.S.and Canadian markets.

We are dedicated to providing reliable, accurate and timely Appraisals and Liquidation Proposals. We provide a thorough analysis that Financial Institutions, Insolvency practitioners and the Business Community can depend on.

Our valuations are based on current market conditions, obsolescence, location, ease of removal, etc. They comply with standards set forth under (USPAP) Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice and the AMEA, Association of Machinery and Equipment Appraisers.

Our valuation analysis reflects the potential of the assets being liquidated. For this reason all values are determined by using personnel who are highly experienced with performing appraisals and liquidations. This ensures accurate values based on all market factors. This thoroughness and attention to detail allows Pahl Industrial
Incorporated to offer all their clients Financial Protection. We do this in the form of Net Minimum Guarantees or Cash Purchases.

The diversity of our abilities and experiences allows us to be actively and confidently involved in numerous industries:

Wood Products – From the Logging Equipment to the Furniture Manufacturer and everything in between.

Metal Products – From the Rolling Mills to the CNC Machine Shop and everything in between.

Construction & Road Building – Quarry, Earth Moving, Paving, Cranes, Marine, and related Equipment.

Transportation – From Large Mining Trucks, Highway Tractors, Dump trucks, Pickup Trucks and everything in between.

Others including:Manufacturing • Agricultural • Food Processing • Printing • Etc.

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Our clients include Banks and Asset Based Lenders • Industry Executives • Business Owners • Bankruptcy Professionals • Turnaround Professionals • CPA’s